These training courses are for anyone wishing to provide quality Stop Smoking Services in Northern Ireland, providing knowledge for those wishing to become Specialists; updating current Specialists; and providing additional knowledge for those working with the various target groups  - all participants have to register their details to access.

This course is designed to provide the facts about vaping for all interested professionals.

If you are a stop smoking specialist, you are required to complete this course before Vaping - For Stop Smoking Specialists. 

The aim of this course is to train people to support smokers who wish to quit smoking through running quality stop smoking services.

The objectives covered are

- To understand the smoking habit.

- To explore how to help the individual to stop smoking.

- To identify interpersonal communication skills.

- To discuss how to set up and monitor a smoking cessation service.

This course is to update all Stop Smoking Specialists who are providing Stop Smoking Services for the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland.  This course should be completed every 3 years.

This course covers issues around the current prevalence of smoking with individuals with mental health disorders, the effect of smoking on mental health, stopping smoking for clients with a mental health disorder.

This course covers issues around the current prevalence of smoking within pregnancy, the effect of smoking on pregnancy, stopping smoking in pregnancy.

This course will provide you with information about the impacts of second hand smoke